Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe Who?

"Joe the Plumber", "Joe Six Pack" and all the rest of redonkulously false and mystifying classifications of the American public in this election, is catching on. With so much help from the media, of course. While I didn't see the debates last night, everyone I know was asking "Who the hell is Joe the Plumber?" Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber who drinks a Six Pack) has been a busy bee floating from one conservative news outlet to the next talking about Obama's tax plan. Which, by the way, would give him a tax cut with this $250k plumbing business. As a small business, your taxable income is much smaller than your gross income.

In the middle of the this celebrity in the making (he considers himself akin to Britney Spears.. any hopes that we will see pictures of his crotch while exiting a car?), the NYTimes decided to actually look into who this new representative of the American "middle class" is. Well according to them, he is an unregistered plumber who owes back taxes.

Here is Joe Biden talking about the Joe Plumbers in his 'hood.
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